SharePoint 2010 – Adding Created, CreatedBy, Modified and ModifiedBy to SPMetal’s Generated Classes

By default, SPMetal doesn’t map the Created, Created By, Modified and Modified By fields to it’s generated objects. To remind SPMetal they exist you can easily add them to your parameters XML file (using /parameters:myfile.xml at command line). Of course. You can selectively add where you need it, or add it to Item:

<Column Name="Editor" Member="CreatedBy" />
<Column Name="Author" Member="ModifiedBy" />
<Column Name="Created" />
<Column Name="Modified" />

Also, here’s a template of the SPMetal command:

"%programfiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\BIN\spmetal.exe" "/web:http://myserver/someweb/foo" /language:csharp /code:SPFoo.cs /serialization:unidirectional /parameters:FooSPMetalParameters.xml

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