Entity Framework 6 – Bulk Insert and Returning of Generated Primary Keys

Bit of a code dump today. I was tasked with making database insertions quicker. On a good day we have millions of rows which we inserted using the Entity Framework – which is inefficient and done one row at a time.

I’ve started by working with the library EFUtilities which looked very promising – it uses the Entity Frameworks’s metadata and model to create a temporary table, bulk inserts into it, and copies data to the real table. The following code expand the capabilities of the library:

  • Improved thread-safety.
  • Add mode of ignoring failures – Sometimes we want to insert millions of rows, and we don’t really care about a few invalid ones.
  • Main motivation – Return the generated primary keys (or IDs) of the inserted rows. EFUtilities leaved all IDs as 0, which is very limiting.

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